Dear Writer,

Writing is fun but I sure would understand if you say you don’t always feel like it is. I mean it is hard enough to think of what to write. You can spend hours staring at a blank screen unable to put out that amazing article in your head on paper. I can absolutely understand how that feels. I can also understand the fact that after overcoming all the hurdles to put pen to paper, you might be faced with the challenge of getting it out there to the audience. You wonder why you just aren’t getting traffic on your site when all they have to do is just click on the link and read the amazing article that you have prepared just for them.

It won’t be a surprise if you gave up all together and wonder what the point is.

The obstacles are probably not going to change and the challenges will probably still be there even after reading this little piece. However, I’m going to tell you the reason why you’re going to keep on writing despite all that.

Words are alive. I know that. As a Christian writer, you also know that.

There is a reason Jesus is called The Word and why His words are life. It is because they really are. You started writing because you are passionate about getting good content out there. There is a ton of unedifying content around and you see a lot of people reading them. You see these contents get stored in their subconscious to the point that they begin to act it out and it hurts you.

You also see the really few good articles from the guys who want to bring a solution. You started writing because you wanted to a part of that solution. It’s why you started that blog and that book club. It’s even why you tried spoken words.

Dear writer, you probably will be faced with more challenges as you go on but you’re going to keep writing because you need to speak to one more person.

Your words are needed to give hope to one more broken soul.

One more uncertain Christian needs to learn of Christ’s love through your next article.

And one more swayed Christian needs to understand his identity in Christ through your words.

This is why you will write one more time, dear writer.

Cheers to your next article.

With love,

Your readers.

Article by Ayomide Akande for CLH.

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