I was almost out of breath and that was because I had been running. I kept on taking quick glances at what it was that was chasing me but I couldn’t catch a glimpse of it. A part of me wanted to stop and face whatever it was that had me running like a mad person for almost an hour now; that was definitely the irrational and bold part of me but the sensible part kept me running.

I saw a dim light ahead and I pushed further. I should be safe with whatever was ahead. And then I let out a loud scream as I fell into a deep pitch. I could hear loud footsteps approaching and before I could get up I woke up.

My alarm had woken me up. Mine was not the regular alarm, it was the voice of this very petite lady who carried a megaphone and cried up and down the street. “Jesus is Lord. Accept him as your Lord and Savior. He died for our sins. And he resurrected. John 3 verse 16…”, she practically said the same thing every morning at almost the same time that everyone on the street should have probably became a Christian already.

I got up from bed and said a quick prayer as was my routine. I lived alone and that was because I loved my privacy a lot. I followed through other routines as well, had a bath, threw on some clothes and headed out to class. My school was just some few minutes away so I always trekked to and fro.
Stepping out of the apartment, the sight that met my eyes shocked me.

Everyone was running helter skelter. I stopped in my tracks and just watched from my door in shock. I noticed that each person ran in a different direction, they were all individually running from something. Was it the same thing that happened in my dream? “They will all still fall down in the end”, I thought to myself. I realized I was very wrong. Some fell and didn’t get back up and they got crushed, some others tried to hide but it never worked and a few others got tired of running and threw their hands up in total surrender. What surprised me were the very few that kept running and eventually got to a safe haven.

“I could have gotten up. There’s victory ahead”, I literally said to myself out loud. Why was my dream even seeming so real? My mind was probably just playing tricks on me and so I stepped out into the street and before I knew it I heard loud footsteps approaching and yes, I ran! I was not going to give up this time. I ran like I was very insane. And then, there it was; the dim light I had seen in my dream. I remembered the deep pitch and I avoided it. The light became brighter and brighter and the footsteps behind me became fainter and fainter and eventually I stopped running. I had won! I saw some other people, some resting and others rejoicing. I had no idea what I wanted to do but I was glad it was all over.

And then I woke up.

I sat up on my bed looking confused and then it dawned on me. I was not a student but I lived alone. I had just lost my job some months back and I was very broke. Been applying at various places but only one had called for an interview. The pay wasn’t even attracting. There was the fact that my house rent would be expiring in a few days. The pressure from friends and family to get married had also added to my misery. My eyes caught something on my dressing table. A knife?

“How could I have forgotten to return the kitchen knife?”, I scolded myself. Then I saw it. A rope and a lot of drugs.

I remember now, I had fallen asleep because I had a hard time making a final decision. I got up from bed, picked the knife and returned it to the kitchen,fixed the rope with the other drying lines at the backyard and dumped the drugs in the thrash can. I had made my decision.

I followed routine as usual but only with a slight difference. I said a longer prayer, had a nice bath and threw on some nicer clothes. I picked up my CV, looked in the mirror one more time and stepped out of the apartment. I definitely was going for that interview!

By Comfort Omolola for Christian Literary Hub (CLH).

Catch up with her on Instagram @comfort_dupe

Photo credit: Bret Waller

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