“Hi there. It is a real pleasure meeting you and your CV looks really impressive.”
“Thank you very much.”
“You are welcome. You mentioned that you were a blogger, what exactly do you blog about?”
Hesitantly, “Christ and living the Christian way.”
“I’m sorry, what?”

Imagine that the conversation above was between an interviewer and you. Now, the interviewer is probably a manager who works in that particular tech company you have been wanting to get into or maybe he is the lead designer at the fast expanding fashion startup company you would do anything to join. Now also imagine that the interviewer isn’t one that cares a lot about God. He is not an atheist, just not a fan. You knew this before the interview which was why you hesitated when he asked you what you blogged about but you couldn’t lie and so you just told the truth. Can you explain the emotions you’d feel at that spot? I bet it is anxiety, nervousness or maybe discomfort. Possibly, you’d have felt embarrassed and you will then feel guilty that you felt embarrassed of the fact that you talk about Christ on the rooftops.

It is not your fault that you feel this way. The world has a way of making anything Christian look uncool which is perfectly understandable as we are not one of them. I mean after all, Christ clearly told us that though we be in the world we are not of the world. However, despite knowing this, we sometimes wish things were different. We wish we did not have to go through all that we do just because we are Christian writers. I can’t tell you that you won’t. Actually, this post is to elaborate the fact that you will. There are struggles of being a Christian writer and if you are a good Christian writer, you are bound to have these issues.

Most obvious, you have a limited audience. Writers want as many people as possible to buy and read their books. Bloggers are after traffic on their website, the best thing that can happen to a blogger is that there is a steady rise in the number of people visiting the site daily. We all know how challenging it can be to get this. Being a Christian writer further reduces the number of people willing to read that article or buy that book. Your target market is limited. The market is competitive and you need to get on top of your game by learning how to grow and engage your audience.

Oh, first, please learn to identify your audience.

Furthermore, it could be difficult trying to get a balance. You don’t want to sound churchy and boring to your audience yet you want to be obvious that you are a believer. Depending on how you can handle it, this can either be a challenge that you can get over or a herculean task that can frustrate you as a writer.

You want to be known as the creative writer and as the Christian writer, so it could really be a struggle infusing your faith into your literary pieces without sounding cliché like most. This is another thing we struggle with as Christian writers.

My piece of advice, just be the creative Christian.

Stop trying to draw a line between the two adjectives.

I could continue but I think you already get the point. There are real struggles being a Christian writer but that’s not strange as every field has its own. Your ability to identify these struggles, work on them and find a solution that works is what makes all the difference. It is what makes you a successful Christian writer. Don’t stop writing. I long to hear your voice and read your works.

Your Colleague,
Ayomide Akande for CLH.

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