It can be frustrating and discouraging when you write and do not get favorable results. Most times, you wonder what the problem is because you know your contents are pretty amazing. However, it seems like the world is against you as a writer because the views or rate at which they buy the books is declining and your feedback is just poor. This might be because you are writing to the wrong audience.

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Don’t give up yet. Perhaps, you don’t put into consideration your target audience or don’t even know how to locate them to buy your books or visit your blog. Therefore, here are three questions to answer to locate your target audience.


As an author or blogger, it’s important to know what exactly you write on. If you’re a Christian writer, you know that your books or blog is not meant for everyone because everyone can’t be your target audience. Now, you have made a distinction! You are writing to Christians. However, that’s not clear enough. You’re writing to christians on what?

If it’s a book, you have to define the genre as a Christian author. Is it adventure, mystery, fantasy, horror, young adult, literary fiction, thriller, science-fiction or what? If you don’t know the genre or niche, you could analyse your story and write down the keywords which will help you classify your genre.


Now, that you know your genre, you’re a step ahead to locating your target audience. And this brings you to answering who your current audience is. This might be difficult to know because random people buy your books or visit your blog. However, knowing the demographics of your niche or book would help you.

Knowing the key demographics like age, sex, hobbies, interests, occupation, location, marital status and the likes of your potential readers based on your content would help you to locate your target audience. Your book or blog as a Christian writer is not meant for all Christians. You can decide to write on Faith, Gospel, Sex in Marriage, Singles and the likes. This information helps you know who you’re sharing your next blog post or selling your books to.


Having known who your target audience is, it’s crucial you define the value you’d be offering them so that when a reader visits your blog, they are impressed and can easily recommend it to others who are in need of the solution or value you proffer even if they aren’t in need of it. Hence, it’s important you solve a problem as a writer.

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Also, think like your readers while writing to connect with them. If you were the reader, would you keep on reading after going through the first two paragraphs? What would have triggered your interest to read the book you’re writing? Be empathetic as a writer. Give your best to your content and share! Most importantly, don’t stop writing.

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