There are a lot of things that have sworn to hinder our creative process. Sometimes it looks like if you solve one, you come across another. There is a monster that works hand in hand with writer’s block. Let’s call it writing/typing block. Here is how it works. You have created a beautiful plot in your head but you can’t bring yourself to put it down. In fact, you can write down the crafting of the story from start to finish and it looks like your brain is in creative overdrive. You finish and now you are staring at your blank page and all of a sudden, your hand seems numb. Your brain starts to twitch. This is not the writers’ block. 

You have all heard of that monster called writers’ block, or any other block that exists in your creative process. It is that lump of rock that exists somewhere in your creative process or thinking. It will be nice to remind you at the same time that writers’ block might just be a psychological block. There is also the argument that you might be using it as an excuse for laziness. Enough of writers’ block. Let’s move over to something more sinister. 
There are some reasons why writing/typing block can occur. Let’s look at three of them and possible solutions. 

The Curse of The Blank Page:

Staring at a blank page as a writer needs to be included in the 1001 ways to die. It is a known fact in the writing community that starting your writing is a huge hurdle. Whenever you look at that cursor blinking on your laptop or the fresh page on your book, it can immobilize you. Sometimes you get past it easily but if you find that it keeps taking you a long time to write your first words, here are a few things to consider: 

a) Simplify Your Idea

There is a chance that you are suffering from idea overload. You’ve taken time to think about what you want to write and the picture is so clear. This idea overload means that you might be having a problem choosing where to start. Here is what to do. Divide your story into parts and create a sequence. Start at the beginning and ignore other parts until you are finished with the first one. Keep it that way until you get to the end.

b) Avoid the Blank Page

Since a blank page can be immobilizing, do not start with a blank page. Pick up one of your previous works and continue under it. Later when you have built up some pace, you can transfer it to a new document or book. That should provide you with enough momentum to continue. 

c) Use Voice Typing

Your hands might be immobilized but your mouth isn’t. Most android phones have a voice typing feature. You can use it to put down a few parts of your story. You should know that it won’t be perfect. But as you copy it to your word document and get to edit it, there is the likelihood that your creative juices will kick in and you will continue.


Stress can hamper your writing. To write, you need your mind-hand-eye coordination. When you are stressed, the easiest way to know is if this coordination is off. It looks like you are asking your hands to work but it isn’t. Stress can make your mind to be clogged up and you lose motivation to write. 
The recipe for stress is to get enough rest. Getting enough rest can mean a walk, a movie, or something that takes your mind off of your regular activity and helps you relax. Most times, it can be a nice and long sleep. Once you wake up from a sleep that relaxes your mind and body, I’m sure writing won’t be a problem. 


Generating lots of writing ideas without actually putting them down can create an idea overload. This idea overload can hamper your writing because you do not want to lose any one of them.  
If you have idea overload, make a mental note to stop generating any more ideas until you write the ones you already have down and develop them. Putting yourself in this kind of personal oath can spur you on to open your computer and type or open your book and write. 

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