Two moons ago, just before we bade each other goodbye, under the mango tree in front of the famous worship center, we had made a friendship pact, together forever, till death snatches one; And even in death of one, to have fond memories of the other.

Image credit: Abdullah Evindar

That was two months ago. It seems like yesterday. The last night Jo and I ever spoke. Yes, at least on this side of heaven.

“Hey! Hi!”  The words of the dark lady in front of me brought me back from my reverie as it rang through my head. “Hi”. I said dismissively, uninterested in whatever conversation she was about to start.

“Well, you’ve been sitting here, looking very distant and I thought it best to…”

“Bring me back from my distant land? Thank you. You succeeded”. I snapped, cutting her off. She took the cue and left me to drown in my tears without another word. She didn’t deserve that, I muttered to myself as I watched her walk away into the emerging darkness.

But then, what can I do. You can’t blame me. It’s been two terrible months I last saw the only one who’s been the closest friend of all time to me. I picked up from where I left off and went on to reminisce on the past.

We had made and nailed all the plans that night, all that was left was implementation. Only now, Jo had left me to do it all. His glory was cut short at the dawn of the twilight sun. On a battlefield none could save him from.

The tears came running. I left them unattended to. That’s been the culture these past few days. The memories keep pouring in and I can’t help but let them flow. There’s no point dabbing it as it will soak whatever it is I use to try to mop it.

“Well, Jo, if you can hear from the place beyond the Jordan river, this is Dave, the one you left behind, signing my umpteenth goodnight and goodbye.

Every dawn and night till forever, I’ll sit right here, under this tree we’ve made many beautiful memories and write a letter to the hallways of heaven and pray that one of the angels be benevolent enough to deliver each to you. And maybe, the heavens will bless me with a twilight sun and a few stray starlights.”

I hope when earth reads this story, they’ll always remember the love David and Jonathan shared.

                                     “From our favorite place under the tree, I write.

                                     With my head bowed, in tears.

                                     I miss you.”

Writer: Oluwaseunayofunmi Owonifaari.

Winner, CLH’s picture story contest April 2019 edition.

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