We believe an essential step in the process of Christian spiritual growth is hinged upon the nature and quality of literature consumed by the believer.

Thank you for your willingness to contribute to the spiritual growth of the body of Christ.

To submit your article, here are important things to note:

  1. We are a Christian literary organization and so we receive only Christian themed literature. You can choose to submit in other genres but it MUST be Christian themed.
  2. We receive original works as it would be credited to the writer. No form of plagiarism is allowed please.
  3. We receive unpublished submissions and previously published works.
  4. For the short story category, your short story can range from 500 words to 3000 words. It should not exceed 3000 words.
  5. For the poetry category, any length and word count is accepted.
  6. For the book and song reviews, it should not exceed 1000 words and proper credit should be given.

Your submission should be sent as an attached word document to The body of the mail should contain a short bio, social media handles and your picture. The subject of the mail should be “CLH SUBMISSIONS”.

Typically, we respond within a week and at most two weeks. We would notify you if your submission was accepted and when it should be published.

Before publishing, we might make a few edits such as punctuation and spelling but your submission will generally remain the same.

We look forward to receiving your submissions. Thank you.